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Dickens has been honoured on numerous postage stamps from many countries in the world.
Commemorative medals have also been issued as seen in this 2012 centenary issue from the United Kingdom shown in the upper left corner of this page.

This section of the web site will show the many commemorative stamps issued in his honour at various times in the past. In addition a number of countries have used Disney characters to portray scenes from the novels of Charles Dickens. These stamps are considered by many philatelists to be a means of increasing the postage revenue of a country through the use of popular subject matter which may have no particular relevance to the country. They are not viewed as commemorative stamps. I have included them in this collection to illustrate the world wide appeal of Dickens through this form of adaptation of his works.
An interesting early tribute to Dickens was an issue of a "Cinderella label" published by the Strand Magazine of London and New York in 1911. The term Cinderella label refers to charity stamps, poster stamps, and promotional stamps. These labels are not valid for postage. The British label had a denomination of 1p while the U.S.A. version had a denomination of 2 cents.
The following pages will depict the stamps of various countries up to the present (2014), beginning in alphabetical order ranging from the Alderney Islands to the United States.

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