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These eight stamps issued on Oct. 15, 1990 to promote International Literacy Year use Disney characters to illustrate eight stamps: Children lay down on a bank of daisies and fall asleep from Dickens “Christmas Stories” (15c); Poor Jo looking through the iron railing at his friend’s grave from “Bleak House” (45c); Oliver asks Mr. Bumble for more from “Oliver Twist” (50c); The Marchioness peeps through the keyhole “Old Curiosity Shop” (60c); Little Nell presents grandfather with her nosegays “Little Nell” ($1); “Mr. Pickwick” ($2); Florence keeps Paul company near his beloved sea based on “Dombey and Son” ($3); Miss Wren fixes her idea from “Our Mutual Friend” ($5).Two souvenir sheets of $6.00 value were also issued. They show Mickey Mouse arriving unexpectedly at Mr Pegotty's from Dickens' A Christmas Carol" and Dodger's mode of "Going to Work" from Dickens' "Oliver Twist".