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The first four of this literary anniversary of a set of five stamps issued in 1970 commemorates the Charles Dickens Death Centenary and the last stamp in the set honours the birth of William Wordsworth. The four for Dickens show Mr. Pickwick and Sam; Mr. and Mrs. Micawber; David Copperfield and Betsy Trotwood; and Oliver Twist asking for more. The Wordsworth stamp pictures Grasmere.
This series of four vending stamp booklets issued during the 1989-1998 time period depict scenes from Dickens books on the booklet cover. Pip frightened by Magwich from Great Expectations; Oliver asking for more (Oliver Twist); Nicolas Nickleby and Smite on the road from Yorkshire to London; and David and Little Emily with Pegotty and Mr. Barkis setting off for a day's holiday from David Copperfield.