Isle of Man
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Six stamps were issued by the Isle of Man on January 22, 2001 to recognize the centenary of the death of Queen Victoria. The series of stamps celebrate Victorian Times with each stamp showing a coin or medal with a portrait of the young Queen Victoria as well as an image of some other significant item from her reign such as the Albert Tower on the 26p value with a statue of Queen Victoria and a Great Britain postage stamp Type A1; the steamship Great Britain is on the 34p value, and the first train to arrive in Vancouver Canada along with a Jubilee street lamp standard is on the 40p value . The 52p stamp shows the Foxdale Clock Tower and the family of diamond magnate Joe Mylchreest. The design of the 39p features a scene from Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens as depicted on a Penguin paperback edition of the book in addition to Victorian architecture as exemplified by St. Thomas Church in Douglas on the Isle of Man.